• Only registered players may participate in our hockey games or practice sessions

• Regular players are automatically registered for each event of the series

• Remaining spots are open other members on first come, first serve basis

• Accepting an event is a commitment to our rules and regulations. Members should do their best to attend and plan accordingly

• Members are responsible for releasing their spots in events they are not able to attend no later than 3 hour prior to the start of the game

• Any member who was found holding a spot while not attending an event will have his account suspended


Each club member is assigned a skill level according to his hockey skills and skating abilities. All club events are also restricted by levels. A player can only sign up for either unrestricted events or those events that are at or below the player’s skill levels.

The levels are:

• Elite

• Advanced

• Intermediate

• Novice

• Beginner

• LTS (Learn To Skate)

The primary purpose of the skill level restrictions is to make our hockey games more balanced and interesting for both players and goalies, and to make the practice sessions more efficient.

If you feel that the level assigned to you is not the correct reflection of your skills and abilities, please let us know.


• All players must wear full hockey equipment

• All players must wear club jerseys

• Offside rule is enforced

• No icing calls

• Slap shots are allowed as long as you have a clear view of the goal

• Body contact is allowed but no intentional hits or checks

• Shifts must be kept short between 1-2 minutes

Attacking team must leave the offensive zone when:

• Puck is frozen by the goalie

• Puck hits the net above the glass

• Puck strikes a goalie mask from a direct shot of a player

• Offside

In case of offside the defensive team must allow the offensive team to retreat to the neutral zone before resuming the game.


Final game score will be recorded at the end of each game. A game is considered ended when one of the following events occurs:

• Zamboni driver opens the gate

• 60 minutes played

• Maple Leafs win Stanley Cup

Any team leaving the ice before end of the game mark will receive an automatic score of 0 with final game score recorded as 0:1.


A minimum 2 week suspension will be assessed to a player for game misconduct which is deemed to be detrimental to the safety of the other players, such as any infraction that is a deliberate attempt to injure.

The most common reasons for game misconduct are the following:

• Deliberate high-sticking, or cross-checking above the shoulders

• Deliberate slashing with high degree of violence or impact

• Deliberate spearing or butt-ending

• Punching to the head


Checking and/or cross-checking from behind will not be tolerated. Checking from behind (especially when player is checked into the boards or net) will result a minimum 2 week suspension. The Club views checking from behind as a cowardly, dangerous assault and will make every effort to rid our games of this practice including expelling repeat offenders from the Club without a refund.


• Fighting will not be tolerated. Once your gloves hit the ice, you will receive an automatic 2 week suspension.

• If a player has no recourse during a fight, but to defend himself from the aggressor as an alternative to skating away, this will result in a minimum 1 week suspension.

• If there is no obvious aggressor in a fight a minimum 2 week suspension will be levied to any players involved.

• If a player is deemed to be the obvious aggressor or instigator in a fight, the player will receive a minimum additional 1 week on to their suspension and possible season expulsion may be levied.

• Any player involved in a second fighting infraction will be suspended indefinitely from the Club.

• If there is aggressive behavior during the warm up skate or off the ice at the end of the game, player(s) involved will receive a minimum 1 week suspension.

• Fighting is considered a serious offense and any players that receive a season expulsion will not be given a refund.


Players have the option of getting on waiting lists for full events. Event waiting lists are fully automated which means that players on waiting list will be signed up automatically by the system if a spot becomes available. In that case, SMS notification (text message) will be sent to the player's cell phone to confirm his spot. Please make sure that your cell phone numbers are up-to-date in My Profile.

When you get on waiting list for a full event, you are entered into priority sequence based on:

  1. 3-month EPF*
  2. Time of entry

* Event Participation Factor


This is a new statistical coefficient that measure member's participation, commitment and involvement in Comrades Hockey life. It has been designed to support the growing demand for our events and is currently used in Waiting List priority rules as well as in our club's reward program. The logic is simple! The more events you attend, the higher your EPF will be and more priorities and other perks you will receive. Review your 3-month EPF in Members List to see where you stand among other members.


There are no refunds for games missed with the exception of a regular player missing ice time as result of an injury sustained ON THE ICE during our event.


The electronic credit system allows you to make up missed game in any events of your choice at no additional cost. Please note that in order to be eligible for game credits club members must register in at least one event for entire season. Please also note that you must decline no later than 3 hours before start of the event in order to receive credit.


Follow these simple rules and you will fit in right away. The puck will be passed to you and you'll be invited out for a post-game beer. Follow these rules and you will be accepted as one of the gang!

Pass The Puck

You might be the best player on the ice. You might be able to stick-handle through the other team at will and score, but nobody likes a puck-hog.

Don't Kill The Goalie

During the warm-up, no goalie ever asks to have his head warmed up. There is no need to shoot the puck above the goalie's belly button. If you want to wire a few high hard ones, or test out your new composite stick, do it against the glass. Injuring the goalie during warm-up is a big no-no. During the game, when the goalie puts his glove or pad on the puck stop hacking and poking. Assume the play is dead and skate away.

Don't Kill Anyone Else

If you get the puck at the point, resist the temptation to shoot for the top corner. Ripping a shot past the ears of the guys standing in front of the net won't win you any friends.

Get Off The Ice

Keep shifts short, between 1 - 2 minutes, to allow your teammates to get even ice time. If you are tired, get off ice. If you are resting your stick on your knees and sucking for air, get off the ice. If you've been on the ice for more than 2 minutes, get off the ice. If your line mates head for the bench, get off the ice. When in doubt, get off the ice.

Keep It Clean

Assume the NHL rules apply to you - stop hooking, holding and water-skiing. If you trip somebody, apologize. If somebody trips, hooks or holds you, assume it was an accident.

Air Out Your Equipment

Opening your gear bag should not bring tears to your teammates' eyes. Keep it clean.

Don't Whine About The Teams

We do our best to attempt to create balanced teams from a wildly unbalanced talent pool. If the odd game is a little one-sided just shut-up and play harder. Consider it an opportunity to work on your defensive play.

Give Up Your Dream

You are not going to the show. You will not be discovered by an NHL scout while playing pick-up hockey at 10 pm on a Tuesday night. Play hard but remember that Janet Gretzky is not waiting at home for you and everybody has to go to work the next morning.

Don't Steal The Pucks

If you didn't bring pucks to the game, don't leave with pucks. Return those vulcanized treasures to their rightful owners or our puck keeper.